NEW: Lizzy’s Story

The first thing one notices about Lizzy are her amazingly blue eyes, a blue that it difficult to define, neither navy, cobalt nor sky and she needs no introduction as everyone seems to know her; she is the person who established the first and most popular internet site about Aegina All the ideas are hers and genuine, nothing copied, just pure creative intelligence at work; indeed she has now developed ( the focus of which centers on Aegina’s tranquility and positive energy.

Energy is really what defines Lizzy; she herself has boundless quantities of it and it is this phenomenon that interests her, the balance of positive versus negative, yin and yang. This is something that she harnesses in Aegina healing and indeed this philosophy of life is available for anyone to experience in reality by staying at The Beachhouse Apartments, in Vagia.

But what first brought her to Aegina?

She first came in 1993 on holiday. She met a Dutch woman that also lived here and they became friends. In 2002, she came to visit her friend and the island again and decided to move permanently with her cat and dog. Initially, she rented a small cottage in Aegina town and soon adopted an old stray dog; it was from this home that Aegina Greece was born, in time to inform people hoping to attend the Olympic games in Athens, during 2004 where they could visit and stay in Aegina should they decide to pop over to the island.

Lizzy also used to be a professional singer!! Eventually, Lizzy bought her own home in the north of the island, the light and energy of which she felt she had a connection, especially towards the monastery of Agios Nektarios and from which she derives an inner strength and affinity.  Harnessing the spiritual affinity with Agios Nektarios is what finally drew Lizzy to take on The Beach house Apartments in Vagia, a building comprising 8 apartments, each reflecting her appreciation of colour and energy, with rooms painted in the signature colours of the chakras. Overlooking a sandy bay, not only is it beautiful to look at and to listen to the energy of the sea, but one can sit under a tree reading a book, and order snacks and coffee from the cafeteria. Here too, Lizzy organizes seminars and workshops with a healing theme and taming of energies.

So, what is a typical day in Busy Lizzy’s life?

She wakes up at 06.00 hrs., (so an early morning person) and not wanting to awaken her partner David, a later riser, she listens to audiobooks, her preference being biographical stories or self-development books. She gets up at 07.00. Breakfast is usually a smoothie, favourite ingredients being avocados and bananas. Isabella, her 16-year-old daughter might need taking to school if it is term time, otherwise the dogs have an early morning walk through the forest behind her house and through to the monastery. On returning home, it is time to visit the shops to purchase provisions for the Beach House, freshness being all important.

After breakfast is a very creative time for Lizzy, during which she might write her thoughts down in her journal and since she likes to be at The Beach house from 09.00 hrs. so that she is there for guests and the local community, she has also created her own space, a basement studio from where she thinks and creates and sometimes holds energy balance therapy sessions.

So, when not needed by her guests, Lizzy seeks solace in the studio where she creates philosophical abstract art. The paint is applied with a palette knife and the colours and textures are determined by an inner voice and instinctive volition that takes her on her own spiritual journey. Superimposed on some of the paintings are thoughts and ideas, Lizzy’s emotional intelligence.

At home during the winter, Lizzy might make lunch, quiches and stir- fries being her favourites as they are vegetable based and like her art, cooking is instinctive.

During the summer though, there is not time to cook, so food is ordered in, usually from Manolis and Erasmia at taverna Panorama, Kolokithokeftedes with some salad being her favourite. Somehow, another dog walk will be squeezed in between dealing with guests, their coming and goings, delegating tasks to her daughter who helps out during the summer, friends and paid help, all helping to create the positive flow of energy that circulates the business. Locals and friends might pop round to say hello, to spend time chatting whilst waiting for a coffee, appreciative of Lizzy’s ongoing beach cleaning and re cycling of beach furniture. Still at the Beach House at 21.00 hrs. and later, Lizzy and her family and friends usually end up at Panorama for yet another culinary treat, a reward at the end of a long working day.

As well as all this, Lizzy is one of the Greek contacts for the World Freedom Alliance, so perhaps it is no surprise that she rolls into bed at around 11 pm and immediately falls asleep. Busy Lizzy or what?

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