Chloe’s Story

APRIL 2021

I believe that true happiness can be achieved when ones work is a creative journey that entails doing something that you love. Read Chloe’s story to find out how she and her friend Danae are living the ideal life on Aegina island.

This year has been completely unlike any other with the only constant in most people’s lives being change! The corona virus brought me to Aegina.

I have always preferred rural living to urban living – I find you are able to enjoy the simplicities of life at your own pace without, the chaos of the city looming behind you. The joy of Aegina is that you can dip into this chaos relatively easily when every the desire arises. I say relatively because it is no longer so simple to travel. I had fallen in love with Greece and its culture. So when the opportunity to come to Greece arose I jumped at it!

I co-founded a brand with a Greek friend and colleague, Danae, making sustainable home ware from wood we find on our travels. The brand is called Κέδρος [Kedros]. Kedros in Greek means Cedar, and with its spiced scent, Kedros takes us back to the dry summer heat and the Aegean’s blue sea. Kedros was the first wood out of which we carved our first spoons, and so, since it was at the very start of our carving journey we thought it should be carried right through, giving our journey it’s title. You can follow our journey and see our products on instagram and Facebook under the name @kedros.carving. On a weekly basis you will find us working on creating items to add to our catalogue and Etsy which I am currently in the process of making. When creating, we believe one of the most important factors is that maker’s hand is not forgotten. This is ensured by the fact that no two pieces will ever be exact, they may be similar, but there will be a uniqueness to each one nonetheless.

Danae and I decided to base our brand in Aegina as it provided us with the mental and physical space to work on our projects freely. This decision came after having spent the first lock down in Athens. The house we live in was built by her grandfather and already had a space downstairs that he had converted into his own workspace. At our home and studio we have started a small vegetable garden and are preparing a chicken coop! I am very exited that soon I will be eating my home grown vegetables and eggs!

I work part-time as a seamstress for Christiana Vardakou, a sustainable brand of handmade textiles, homeware & loungeware based in Athens. It brings me great joy to work within a small business that is also sustainable so conscious! There are days where I sit at my sewing machine working on Christiana’s designs and I feel like the luckiest person!

Every morning after breakfast I go down and water the vegetable garden, often accompanied by Dane’s ever faithful dog, Dia, before beginning the days work. In my free time I enjoy exploring the different hiking paths that exist on the island and discovering the different flora of Aegina. On these walks I enjoy foraging for food such as the large variety of wild greens to be eaten in salads or pies, or fruit that can be turned into jam. Currently I am making a marmalade jam from the Bitter Oranges/Neratzia from our garden. One of my favourite walks is the trail to the Eleonas that leads through Pachia Rachi, I was first shown this route by my neighbour and dear friend Maria. These walks give me such peace of mind and again remind me how lucky I am to be living in a place where I can so easily connect with nature. I also volunteer at one of the dog shelters called Villa Stray They are on Facebook if you are interested in following their story, or possibly finding a lovely four legged friend. I have Greek lessons twice a week and am really enjoying discovering the story behind the words.

That’s a short but sweet look into my life under the current lock down and corona-virus restrictions, so who knows how things will change or alter as life slowly (and hopefully) goes back to what it was!

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