Theo’s Story

Here is a concise article which embodies a typical day of a young professional working for a top international company from home in Aegina, a work base in an ideal setting.

With the current pandemic in full swing, I have decided (with my company’s blessing) to work remotely from Aegina – very different from the hustle and bustle of London life and not hit hard so far by the virus thankfully.

And the Wi-Fi is not bad either – my colleagues and customers can see my face in Microsoft Teams to my manager’s surprise (when I say Greece he must literally think I work from a beach using 4g!).

My days now entail waking up – picking up a 2 euro latte to go – from one of my favorite cafes on the sea-front and within 5 minutes, if I don’t engage in some pleasant chat with the locals, I am back at my desk and ready to work.

Depending on the schedule for the day and customer meetings, I try to keep an hour or two free at midday, put my laptop to sleep and go for a run from my house down to our local beach.

Even in February, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather to have 18 degrees and sun and after running 5km or so, I cannot help myself but to have a quick 10 minute dip in the sea before running home, showering and having lunch before starting the afternoon meetings. The exercise and ability to go from desk to ‘paradise’ within a few minutes is one of the greatest perks and leaves me ready to take on the afternoon work with a clear head and feeling completely refreshed.

By evening, I turn off my computer, hop on my motorbike and pick up a take-away 2 euro souvlaki and back at my house ready to join my parents or watch a film.

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