Rita and Chris’s Story

Many people from all over the world choose to live on Aegina island but for some, the tug of roots and family can lure them back to where they came from. Read Rita and Chris’s story to find out how good memories of Aegina are made for life.

Chris and I had discussed many times about the possibility of moving abroad when we retire. However, our circumstances changed and we realised that we could move abroad BEFORE retiring. Our thoughts were “Yes, Lets do it!”

Having travelled to Greece many times, we came across a small,island off the mainland called Aegina, so in January 2005, we decided to book two weeks in Aegina, just to look at properties to buy. During our search, we discovered the village of Agious, just after Souvala. It appealed to us because it wasn’t too touristy, it has a lovely beach ( Horeftra) and the community was largely Greek; it was important to us that we lived among the locals, to have an authentic living experience.

Fortunately, we found a half built house in a quiet backstreet that had a garden and a sea view, as well as being within walking distance of the beach and the mini market. Here then was our ideal house that gave us the chance to finish it to our own specifications. We returned to Aegina in April and bought it!. We paid someone to finish the house according to our own taste and finally,in December, we were able to move into our Greek island home, where we celebrated our first christmas in Aegina.

For 13 years, we enjoyed a simple, idealistic life, waking up for 9 months of the year to the sun shining and only experiencing mild winters, no frost and no snow.
We enjoyed our daily visits to Aegina town, where we would buy our coffee from one of the many cafes, socialise and chat to friends against the backdrop of the harbour which was busy with boat traffic and fishermen going about their daily business.

Returning home, during the summer, we would bask in the heat, in the privacy of our personally designed garden that included a patio and pool and when the heat became too unbearable, we would cool off in the soothing water of the pool. Sometimes, we would barbecue lunch in the garden and then escape the heat by having a much needed siesta. During the evenings we couldn’t get enough of watching the colours of the setting sun, sipping wine on the veranda, just off the kitchen.
The next day, we would start all over again!

But life is a journey and we are now back in the UK with our family but with many good memories of life in Aegina. We are now at the start of a new adventure and who knows what or where this might lead…….

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