A Typical day in the life of Aimee

This morning, I woke up to a cool breeze blowing through my window. The soft scent of jasmine and a gorgeous sunrise coaxed me out of bed. On an island with a lot of spectacular views, I really love my view of the sea and the village at sunrise (and at sunset).

Spike, my dog, and I went for a short run, passing the attack cat, the noisy goat, the yippy dogs, and, this morning, the rubbish truck. We see each other often, so exchanged polite greetings, as they casually emptied the rubbish.

The woman who owns the corner shop – the one that makes excellent homemade wine and the best retsina on the island – drove by on her moto, waving, and telling me that she had free range eggs from her chickens.

I moved to Aegina 5 years ago and, startlingly, got a good job working remotely. The internet connection is excellent, so I can easily do video calls, while my guests deal with their social media.

When you live on a Greek island, you have a lot of guests. For me, this is wonderful, as not many people can relate to what I do and it’s good to have people around now and again to whom I can talk about work. It’s also good that they aren’t here all the time, because my Aegina friends are such a wonderful and diverse bunch, that I learn much more from them!

After a workout, I generally do whatever needs to be done in the garden or squeeze orange juice, make jam, or cure olives. I’d never done any of that sort of thing before I moved here. It just seems like the right thing to do. Since it’s all my own produce, I haven’t really lost anything if I mess it up. And I mess it up often.

I generally start work between 9 and 10. My desk looks out to the sea, which is calming and helps me stay focused on the big picture. I watch the cats importantly going about their business or just lazing under trees while I’m listening on a call.

On week-ends, Spike and I meet friends in Perdika for a drink or up by the pool for a sundowner, take an early morning hike, do some yoga, help out at the Animal Sanctuary, go for a swim or just sit in the sun and read a good book. I’d like to start kayaking, but not sure how Spike would enjoy that.

Before COVID, I travelled once or twice per month – usually only for a few days or a week. Part of the reason I decided to live on Aegina is the ease of getting to and from the airport. Now that I’ve been here, I still appreciate that. I also appreciate having a place to come home that has space, fresh air, and an unhurried lifestyle. I took this picture having arrived on the last boat the evening before and getting on another in a few hours. But having my morning coffee, in my house, with my dog, and that view refreshed and re-centered me.

Tonight,( Friday), Spike and I will take a short walk, saying hi and giving treats to our neighbor’s dogs. I’ll make us a light dinner and then we’ll meet some visiting new friends and old friends at the Italian wine bar in town. I’ll drink a glass of good wine, enjoy some cheese and olives and head home at 10 or 11, having a last glance out at the constellations in the clear night sky.

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