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NEW: Lizzy’s Story

The first thing one notices about Lizzy are her amazingly blue eyes, a blue that it difficult to define, neither navy, cobalt nor sky and she needs no introduction as everyone seems to know her; she is the person who established the first and most popular internet site about Aegina  www.aeginagreece.com All the ideas areContinue reading “NEW: Lizzy’s Story”

Chloe’s Story

APRIL 2021 I believe that true happiness can be achieved when ones work is a creative journey that entails doing something that you love. Read Chloe’s story to find out how she and her friend Danae are living the ideal life on Aegina island. This year has been completely unlike any other with the onlyContinue reading “Chloe’s Story”

Theo’s Story

Here is a concise article which embodies a typical day of a young professional working for a top international company from home in Aegina, a work base in an ideal setting. With the current pandemic in full swing, I have decided (with my company’s blessing) to work remotely from Aegina – very different from theContinue reading “Theo’s Story”

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